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Italian Underground.

Six months ago I moved to St Kilda or as my girl hastens to point out,  St Kilda West, because there is nothing in St Kilda, and St Kilda West is full of the good stuff.
St Kilda West has Luxembourg, Di Stasio, Baker di Chiroco, Fitzrovia.
There is nothing on acland street.  Or so I thought until we decided to check out a long held favourite of the St Kilda locals.  Cicciolina.
I had heard good things about Cicciolina.  It was a favourite of those in the know, but flew largely under the radar for the most part, over shadowed by its Fitzroy street cousins.
The first time we went as a group of four. There were drinks had, sure. Then a few more in the back room with some golden calamari and crisp Arancini balls. Service was Italian and non plussed.  So long as you had your name down for a table, it all goes on the tab.
Which would explain why the rest of the night was a blur, I think I had the ragu, and I think it was good, but let’s jump to the second visit just in case.
Earlier arrival time on this occasion and immediately seated at a table for three.we have foregone the oysters this time for the tuna carpaccio, laced with bursting citrus.  The perfect palette cleanser.  One wonders why it does not appear on more menus.
Our first visit centred around pasta dishes, which, had we not consumed vast quantities of Nebbiolo would be recalled as rich and satisfyingly hearty.  On this occasion however, we opted for the barramundi, crispy skinned and juicy of meat.  My girl had the lobster ravioli extra as a main.  A generous square of fresh pasta filled with sweet meat.  So generous in fact, it got passed around the table.  And finally, her sister, with potentially the meal of the night, the roast spatchcock.
Cicciolinas is the authentic Italian you have been searching for. No fuss, not fancy, but once you walk into within that darkened room from the inconspicuous alley, survey the interiors with the over sized blackboard menu, with the curtains drawn, and the lights dimmed, you really are in a piece of Italy.
It just happens to be on Acland street, where there’s nothing good.

130 Acland Street
St Kilda, Victoria 3182

T: 03 9525 3333
F: 03 9525 3397

E: enquiries@cicciolina.com.au

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Baker. D. Chirico.

Baker. D. Chirico.

Life with Bread.

Very often, one only truly appreciates something only after it has been taken away. Subsequent to one particularly heavy torrent of Melbourne rain, the little known but much loved Baker D Chirico closed its doors due to water damage. This was unfortunate, as I am a fan of their simple, but insanely good … everything.

The following weekend hoarding was up. Not just a leaking ceiling obviously.

The following week, the same.

Weeks turned into months. The nights grew darker, the mornings colder, and the winds blew with an icy loneliness that chilled to the core, and yet, Baker still remained closed.

It was a difficult time for all. No notices advising a reopening date, or even if there was even going to be a reopening date. No one seemed to know when, or if, we would once again be treated to the before-the-trend vanilla custard-filled bombolino’s, or the rich quiche (they pastry!!!), or my girl’s favourite, the indulgent mushroom brioche. Yes, it was a tough time for all.

And then it happened. Without any fuss or fan-fare, so typical of the Bakery itself, it opened its doors and resumed like nothing had happened. Like it hadn’t just put us all through months of suffering!

What the Hell, Baker? No explanation?

But how can you not forgive when the coffee is that good? The bread so crusty, and so soft, and the classic croissant and pastries are as good as you’ll find anywhere. And just to make myself clear, I said anywhere.


Thank the heavens it’s back. Lets hope we never have to go through that again.

Baker D. Chirico
149 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda
(03) 9534 3777

Opening Hours
Tue to Sun 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat 7:30 am – 5:00 pm

Il Fornaio

Il Fornaio

The Baker’s Oven.

Il Fornaio is where people in St Kilda go for their morning coffee and pastry.
It’s where local celebs go to keep it real.
And its where travelling football players start the day before heading to the G.

And it’s where you should go also.

Situated down the dirty end of Fitzroy street, but underneath the Prince, it straddles this dichotomy perfectly by offering top quality pastries and breakfasts, but in a relaxed and affable environment. Service is provided by the cool kids of St Kilda with just the right amount of familiarity to make you feel at home.

The breakfasts are the best you’ll find within a hundred metre radius. Starting with the appropriately named Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin Massive breakfast, it’s what big breakfasts should be, served with a soft brioche instead of bread so you you have plenty of room for that meaty goodness (did I mention bacon steak and hunter sausage?).

The Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin

The Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin

The pastries are top notch, and although the fashionable Nutella doughnuts aren’t the best in the business, the strawberry Danish, in both large and mini sizes, are a worthy substitute.

For a place named ‘The Furnace”, it really should be about the bread. But unfortunately there is so much to love about il Fornaio, as good as the bread is, it’s far from the only reason to swing by and do it the way the locals, celebs and footballers do it.
2C Acland Street
St Kilda, VIC
03 9534 2922

DAY -every day from seven am

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