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Take me to the moon.


Yep, they really are worth waiting for.

The latest ‘must queue’ item in Melbourne, tucked away amongst the back streets of Fitzroy, is not a re-interpretation of a childhood classic (shout out to Freak-shakes), or a fusion of of two equally amazing, yet not at all compatible pastries (duffins and cronuts – thanks but no thanks, and wtf is a muffle?).  No, its time to talk about the humble croissant.

Except these bad boys are far from humble.  Surgically constructed in a laboratory warehouse, one can view these baby rolls of butter and pastry from behind the viewing glass, whilst queuing for a good hour and debating whether ti cut your losses to babka around the corner.

Stick it out weary traveller.  These are not just croissants, they are half-moons of centuries-old traditional French boulangeries, tucked away within fashionably chic cardboard boxes, emblazoned with Lune, that you will be proud to brandish as you walk up and down Brunswick Street.

And judging by the strong buttery taste, you best you do another lap.


Lune Croissanterie
119 Rose St, Fitzroy

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