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Lamaro’s Bodega

The Pigs Head, (or Things not to Eat on Dates)

  1. Taco’s
  2. Sang choy bow
  3. A pigs head

My friend Brett says “you eat with your eyes as much as your mouth. Wiser words are rarely said.

The pigs head at Lamaro’s (oddly since taken from the menu I note) is undisputedly delicious, and somewhat traumatic to order.

Chef  Louis Naepels  know’s meat.  As the carefully selected salumi of the charcuterie plate clearly demonstrates.

lamaro 2


However, as I set out to prove my ‘foodie’ credentials to my date and order the suckling pigs head, like a true gourmand, I was completely unprepared to be served exactly what I had ordered.

I once ordered pigs face from a Parisian bistro. Paper thin slices of meat, served on a heated plate that ever so gently cooked the ham so it resembled  warm prosciutto.  It was amazing.

This is not what I was served at Lamaro’s.

I was served a pigs head.

It was confronting.


Suckling Pig’s Head

Furthermore, without any direction or advice from the waiter, who simply placed head in the centre of the table and ran off quickly to avoid the same evil eye Porky was giving me, I was left somewhat lost as to how to approach my poor Suidae friend.

“Whoa, whoa” I called the waited back. “How do I do this?”.

The waiter, poor thing, had no idea, and simply explained with a shrug that most people eat the whole thing, even the eyes. Hugely helpful.

I rotated the plate to divert Wilbur’s stare away from me, but this brought his ear canal in direct eye line with the girl, who was not coping with poor Babe’s charred, albeit beautifully seasoned, dial.

“Only one way to do this” I thought as I dove in fork first, and to no real great surprise, it was jaw-droppingly delicious. Once you got through the half inch of fat (in itself very tasty), you came across the most extraordinary flesh within the cheek.  Meltingly tender and sweet.

And thanks to the aesthetic, it was all mine as the girl picked at the left overs of charcuterie and squid.

Lamaro’s has reinvented intself, not only as a bodega, but a bloody good one at that. With a respect for the animal that encourages nose-to-tail cooking, and a courageous approach by the head chef, the South Melbourne locals will be welcoming their new local.





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