Saint Crispin

Saint crispin… What a cheek!

Saint crispin is cool.  The decor is cool, the staff are cool, the food is cool, and it sits in the heart of cool Smith Street, Collingwood.
But how far will cool get you?  After all, cool is only a facade isn’t it?  Is there any substance under the veneer?
Well, yes there is, but is there enough?
Starters included the snap, crackle and pop which was delicious, but light and crispy pork fat with a shake of seasoning is always going to be delicious isn’t it?  They could work on their portion size however, it’s not often I don’t finish my appetiser.
Our other appetiser were sydney rock oysters.  I love sydney rock oysters, but after these, I’m beginning to rethink my opinion.  Maybe I’m a coffin bay man after all?
And what is going on with Melbourne restaurants no longer shucking oysters?  I systematical mangle mine at the table.  Beginning to sulk…
However, entrees were much better.  My salad of asparagus with Parmesan cream was light, fresh, and delicious.  I should have just had this for appetiser.  A perfect mouth awakener.  The girl had quail.  I don’t cook quail, small birds scare me, so it’s difficult for me to judge.  The danger always being to cook it dry.  Saint Crispin flew a little close to the sun on this front.
As the dinner progressed, so did the quality.  My main of beef cheek was as close to a perfect dish of beef cheek as I’ve had.   Lovely and gelatinous, falling apart at the touch of the fork.  Rich in flavour, with a stunning accompanying broth.  Zero flaws.
The girl had pork belly.  For a place as cool as Saint crispin to stick with pork belly a good two years after the whole pork belly craze peaked, is so uncool, it might be a new brand of cool.
Coolness aside, it’s only flaw was it wasn’t as good as my beef cheek, which, did I mention was flawless?
$300 hundry for three peeps, plus wine, plus tip.  It’s cool, it’s casual, it’s definitely worth a visit, but living up to the hype can be a heavy weight to carry around ones neck.

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