Great expectations part 2 The sour taste of pisco.

The best pisco sour in Melbourne, he told me.

Probably is. Who would know? When was the last time you ordered a pisco sour when and you weren’t in Lima?

Does anyone else in Melbourne even do a pisco sour? A post for another time – random cocktails throughout Melbourne.

Melbourne comparisons aside, it was good, and probably was the best in Melbourne (you heard it here first), but where Pastuso delivers on the cool front, it fails to deliver where it counts, so here we are, our Great Expectations, part 2.

I’d heard about it, and I bought into the hype. That giant neon sign down ACDC lane, like a beacon of hope tempting me every time I walked passed. Must go, must go. On the face of it, it ticks all the right boxes. Flinders Lane, cocina del dia, lively atmosphere, fun place, Friday night, I was with the girl, she was with two impossibly handsome gay men. I was getting ignored, not only by her.

Service is a tad sloppy, a tad distracted. The place is bustling sure, its difficult to get attention from the seemingly busy wait staff, and once you do get their attention, they’re not so helpful. In fact, they’re a tad vague. Are they all new here?

The crevice was excellent. The girl and her dates were put off by the chunks of salmon rather than slices as most are used to. I love raw fish, and cured fish, so I was as happy as a girl surrounded by two young hot gay men at her table. Screw it, she can have her eye candy, I will keep myself busy with salmon crevice. This was truly win-win (I kept telling myself). And the dressing was … stunning. Pass the soup spoon!

Look, if you go to any South American restaurant, you must go meat right? The beef rib eye, the slow cooked lamb, South Americans know meat (amongst Incan ruins, Grenache and cocaine), but as three of that four is largely inaccessible in Melbourne, lets just do the meat.   And it was good, but didn’t really live up to some crazily high standards, not only by restaurants in Peru.   The rest of the table were too busy being impossible good looking to notice.

So all good, right? But when you go to the restaurant du jour, expectations are high. When expectations are so high, that only leaves so much space to fall.

Go to Pastuso. Its fun, it’s happening, its cool, people will be impressed. But you wont remember it a week later.
Except that pisco sour.

pisco sour

pisco sour

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