Andrew’s Burgers

Andrew’s Burgers

Keeping it real.

Now that the girl has left town, chasing the fashion circuit across the globe, I’m left to fend for myself. That means I’m settling in for the evening with a bottle of red, the pup at my feet, a roaring fire, and tucking into some Andrew’s Burgers.

Andrew’s, although looking somewhat anachronistic in Albert Park, with its hand drawn tuck shop menu and cramped ordering space has endeared itself to the locals for years. It’s longevity testament to the old fashioned philosophy of doing one thing, but doing ridiculously well. Sure, there are chicken burgers, and kebabs, but lets face it, they’re the support act. The main event is the Andrew’s with the lot.

This in not your fancy pants, trending, instagram worthy burger. There’s no brioche bun, or gourmet cheese, or rocket salad. The well-dressed couple in front of me seemed confused about this bustling hole in the wall burger joint. Eventually they left wondering if they were in the wrong place. They will rue that decision. Andrew’s is the real deal.

The Andrew’s burger is your old fashioned two-hander, with a perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned patty, paired with centimeter thick tomato, oozing cheese, and smoky bacon. One wonders how such a simple concept is so often poorly executed elsewhere. But maybe that’s the secret, Andrew’s simplifies the whole concept, even down to the production line cooking system (how do they fit that many people into that tiny space?), that manages to churn out burgers at an impressive rate. But this is no fast food. The wait extends to 45 minutes on busy nights, which just happens to be a perfect amount of time to enjoy a couple of wines across the road at the Albert Park Hotel.

The dry cleaner style celebrity photos suggest it’s more than just the locals that know a good burger when they see one. And judging by the age of some of those photos, its clear Andrew’s was a crowd favourite long before burgers received the gourmet makeover witnessed today. Thank goodness they didn’t buy into the hype, electing to continue working with a formula that although less than glamorous, works exceptionally well. Lets just hope they continue making them the way they always have done.
144 Bridport Street Albert Park
Monday to Saturday — 11:00am to 9:00pm

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