A bearable lightness of being.

Qualia (pronounced kwah-lee-ah) in Latin means “a collection of deeper sensory experiences”.

Deep may be overstating a stay at Qualia, but they sure like their champagne.

Even as soon as one enters the lobby and is faced with that flawless Whitsundays view, before even the phones come out for that first of many, many Instagram shots, a glass of Charles Heidsieck magically appears before you.

It won’t be your last during your stay. Hell, its wont be your last today.

After settling into our room with a complimentary bottle of Charles Heidsieck, feet up on the sun lounges taking in tropical beauty of the island, we have a quick bite and then off to the spa to take the edge of 3 hour flight from Melbourne. Two hours of relaxing massages followed by an aromatic bath, hand made truffles, and yes, a glass of Charles Heidsieck. Three hours in and already you are so relaxed you are in danger of melting away.

Qualia is Bob Oatley’s luxury pet project (we all have one of those right?). A veritable oasis, on a tropical island, in the midst of the Great Barrier Reef. No expense has been spared. From the free flowing champagne, to the beautifully manicured gardens, Qualia is in all ways, money well spent. Which is fortunate, because money you will spend. The cheapest rooms come in at $800 a night. The bistro restaurant on the pebble beach, the cheaper of the two dining options within the grounds, was $300 for two, including wine. The fine dining restaurant, more in line with capital city standards, came in at $500 for an 8 course degustation. But I repeat, money spent very, very well.

The fine dining restaurant provides a possibly the best hotel dining in Australia. Each dish a delicately created piece of fine art on a plate, even a touch of theatre as a melt-in-your-mouth tender piece of wagyu is bbq on Japanese volcanic rock at your table.

The sun slowly sets

The sun slowly sets

The best thing about Qualia is the lengths they go to ensure your stay is memorable. The responsibility lies with them, not you, and they deliver above and beyond. It could be the nightly invitations to join other guests and witness the setting sun with oysters and more champagne. Or the various taste and talk sessions (the sake and sashimi session a personal highlight). Or the attention to detail taken for your personal beach drop off, as you are whisked off to your own deserted island for the day, complete with picnic lunch and yes, champagne if that’s your desire. Or maybe it’s the endless supply of beach toys freely at hand. Paddle boards, kayaks, or mini catamarans. Help yourself. Qualia’s appeal lies not only in its perfect island bliss, but it is the ease of which everything is achieved. The staff, although young and almost always 3 months into their tenure, perform every task with a casual expediency that only encourages you to ask for more.

Private beach for two

Private beach for two

There’s no hiding the fact Qualia will cost you, but as sure as that sun sets on those crystal clear blue seas every luxury filled day, it will be the best money you spend.

Qualia life

Qualia life

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