Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu

Say my name.

Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf

She is good at many things my beautiful girlfriend, least of all date nights. And this time, she surely nailed it.

Following the excellent David Bowie Is exhibition at the ACMI centre (go … just go!) we crossed the street to hit up Lucy Liu for some contemporary Asian.

Contemporary Asian has achieved a level of ubiquity in Melbourne, from the Saigon Sally’s and Tokyo Tina’s to the outstanding Supernormal and Chin Chin’s. The test is will Lucy Liu offer anything different.  Or does it just sound like the others?

For starters, Lucy Liu is more fun than its contemporaries. There is a separate bar area where one can wait for their table, which is handy because a wait at Lucy Liu appears mandatory. She gets busy Lucy does, and she gets busy quickly. Even on this Wednesday night we were still looking at a forty minute wait, or two Sauvignon blancs.

Yellow Fin Tuna Tatami

Yellow Fin Tuna Tatami

The bar, and restaurant, is filled with the young and the fun crowd. Loud and brash, well dressed and well heeled.  One suspects they are not necessarily there for the food, but there to be seen. Either way, they’ve come to the right place.

The menu consists of fairly standard classics but wonderfully executed and presented in contemporary manners, like the tuna tataki served with pickled vegetables and rice crackers, or the fabulously fresh betel leaf, served with tuna tartar and fish roe. The ultimate kick starter to the evening.

The curries pack serious punch too, as did our prawn and mussel curry, even if a little light on in prawns, and a little heavy on mussels, it knocked my Mrs out for six, and she is a long-time chilli devotee.

Ginger Creme Brûlée

Ginger Creme Brûlée

Desserts generally don’t fly for me at Asian restaurants, but the ginger crème brulee, although not Asian in heritage, was rich and velvety, with a perfect palm sugar crust. Again, a classic but perfectly executed with just enough ginger and palm sugar to give it an asian twist, albeit a finely subtle one.

If you must be seen, go to Lucy Liu, but while you’re there, try the food. You wont be disappointed.



Vic 3000


Lunch + Dinner

11am – late

03 9639 5777


visit website


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